Hoppe Ship Agencies

Hoppe Ship Agencies is an independent shipping agent situated in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium. Our company is offering port agency services and husbandry for shipping companies calling Zeebrugge, Bruges and Ostend.


  • Independent As a family company , our services are dedicated, direct and first-class.
  • Local Our company is located in the heart of Zeebrugge. As a result we are abreast of the ins and outs of the port and contact with port authorities is very close.
  • Gas In Zeebrugge we are specialized agents in the handling of gas carriers (LPG & LNG). In a specialized and sophisticated field such as maritime gas transport it is an advantage that the shipping agent is familiar with the various aspects of this trade. As a consequence we are in close contact with the various authorities regulating the safety aspects and nautical procedures for LNG & LPG.
  • Offshore Our agency has gained quite some experience in the offshore business at the North Sea. As a result we are the leading agency supporting the offshore fleet at the North Sea with base in Ostend and Zeebrugge.


Port Agency Services

A port agent is the representative or designated person for one or more shipping companies in a port, acting on their behalf. There is an agreement between both parties, in which the port agent represent his principal in a port against the payment of an agency remuneration.

 Following services are considered to be normal port agency services:

Formalities / Communication & agency
Formalities / Communication & agency


Clearance of vessels in- and outward through Customs.
Clearance of vessels in- and outward at the Maritime Police.
Applying to the port management for a berth, together with all the related administrative formalities.
Processing the information and carrying out the necessary administrative formalities for dangerous goods, in accordance with the applicable local, national and European regulations.
Ordering pilots, boatmen, tugs, etc.

Communication & agency

ETA announcements for consignees/shippers by fax or e-mail.
Day-to-day supervision of the loading/unloading operations, and reporting on these to all the parties involved.
General coordination between ship, shipping company/ operator and stevedore.

Documentation / Administration / Minor husbandry


Drawing up the “Statement of Facts” and “Notice of Readiness.”


Settling the port dues.

Minor husbandry

Coordination of bunker supply.
Bringing crew mail on board.
Coordination of fresh water supply.
Organising medical assistance for the crew.
Coordination of taxi services.

Documentation / Administration / Minor husbandry


A husbandry agent attends to the non-cargo matters of the ship. The husbandry agent will therefore assist the owner or manager of the vessel in a port against the payment of an agency remuneration. 

Our agency can assist in following husbandry matters:
repairs, spares, provisions, bunkering, crew changes and medical assistance


Rendering quality port agency services is not only clearing vessels in and out, it is acting on our principal’s behalf and representing him in the port as it would be our own business. We want to share or know how with our customers and assist them

wherever possible. Therefore we are advising our clients in new projects and run through a potential port call step by step, nautical and commercial. This to assure a smooth port call against correct tariffs.

Shipping federation

Our company is member of the Zeebrugge Shipping Federation, NAVES ( The National Federation of Association of Ship Brokers and Agents), ECASBA (The European Community Association of Ship Brokers and

Agents) and FONASBA (The Federation of National Association of Ship Brokers and Agents). Please find hereby our terms and conditions which are the general conditions of the Antwerp Shipping Federation


  • Company details

    Leopold II-Dam, kaai 102
    8380 Zeebrugge
    TEL: + 32 50 82 73 43 (24 hrs)
    FAX: + 32 50 82 73 45
    Email: info@xp15.cn
  • Banking details

    KBC Bank
    Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 15
    B-3000 Leuven

    IBAN: BE26 7330 3507 5129
    VAT: BE 0896 256 838
  • Contact info

    Stefaan HoppeGeneral manager
    M: +32 477 25 11 14
    Joeri PeutemanOperations manager
    M: +32 473 34 41 14
    Mathijs TaildemanAccount manager
    M: +32 474 26 38 77
    Timothy BruningAccount manager
    M: +32 474 05 71 05
    Jan BaertAccount manager
    M: +32 498 94 14 79
    Nicholas LoemanAccount manager
    M: +32 476 72 55 52
    Stef De WinterAccount manager
    M: +32 473 78 50 81
    Heidi CaretteFinance department
    T: +32 50 82 73 43
    Bruno de CroockFinance department
    T: +32 50 82 73 43